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Insurance, Tax & Estate Planning

Minimize your risk & taxes with comprehensive planning.


Estate Planning

The goal of Estate Planning is to arrange your financial affairs in a way so that your assets can be passed to your heirs as quickly and as completely as possible. We provide Insurance, Tax & Estate Planning for business owners, professionals and families. Using a comprehensive planning approach and needs analysis we help clients determine their own unique risk & tax exposure.

Many people die each year without a will, allowing the government to control their estate and decide how their assets are to be distributed. Even for smaller estates, the costs and delays of probate can have devastating consequences.

After evaluating your current estate plan, discussing your current estate planning goals and objectives, we will work closely with you and/or your lawyer to design an efficient plan. If you are not currently working with a lawyer, we will assist you in finding one that best meets your needs.

Insurance Planning

Having proper Insurance in place in the event of death, disability or critical illness, is extremely important. Whether it be for protecting your family’s ability to maintain their income & lifestyle; your business interests; reducing or eliminating both debt and income taxes; growing your estate; passing your legacy on to your heirs; or providing to charity; these are key components we review as part of each client's estate plan.

We conduct proper Insurance Needs Analysis to not only help our clients determine how much coverage is required, but to ensure they have the correct type of insurance plans in place to meet their own unique needs.

Some of the types of insurance we provide include the following:

  • Family & Business Life Insurance (Term, Whole Life, Universal Life)

  • Mortgage Insurance Protection

  • Disability Income Protection

  • Critical Illness Protection

  • Health & Dental Plans (Individual, Family and Employer plans)

Tax Planning

The main goal of Tax planning is to minimize income taxes. Structuring your finances is important so that you can take advantage of the many rules that allow you to maximize the amount of income you keep each year or defer taxes into the future.

The tax planning process may include different types of tax strategies depending on your own financial situation. Strategies for splitting or deferring income, deferring or maximizing retirement contributions, capital gains or losses, property ownership, charitable giving are applied differently in each situation, so they must be developed specific to your own needs.