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Investing & Portfolio Management

Thorough analysis & active monitoring.


We create diversified investment portfolios to meet your needs and goals. We do a thorough analysis that ensures proper asset allocation to suit your risk tolerance & objectives. We actively monitor portfolios, rebalance to keep aligned, and make adjustments as objectives change.


Looking for a Second Opinion?

Ask about our Complimentary Investment Portfolio Analysis

We provide complimentary portfolio assessments and recommendations based on your overall objectives and your risk tolerance. Asset allocation and diversification is addressed and we identify any areas of concern. If required, we suggest changes that are more appropriate to your situation.

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There are a few fundamental rules that we follow in our portfolio management style:


Managing Downside Risk

We do not believe in chasing performance, instead we focus on preserving wealth. Finding investments that manage downward risk is an important element in creating our portfolios. Negative returns are much more damaging to one’s portfolio, especially as one nears retirement or for retirees in the years when income is being drawn. Trying to recapture significant losses can be extremely difficult and it takes time. Although this may mean not always capturing 100% of the upward performance, this strategy is often successful in providing more stable growth and protecting our client portfolios from large losses when the market turns downward.


We strive to reach a certain level of return for a client or account, either based on a client’s needs and risk tolerance or based on the goals of a particular account. Although we monitor benchmarks, such as the TSX, we believe this is not how performance should be measured. Trying to minimize performance deviation from a benchmark does not always help achieve investment goals, especially when that benchmark takes a large downward turn.


We take a look at our client’s overall picture and design portfolios for tax efficiency. For example, by depositing investments that are subject to higher taxes in tax-deferred accounts, and depositing investments that are subject to lower taxes in taxable accounts. For non-registered investments we also monitor taxable gains and at times when there is market volatility we may look to sell a particular fund that has declined in value (triggering a taxable loss) and replace it with another fund that still meets the portfolio’s objective. In doing so, the loss can be carry forward to help offset future taxable gains when assets are later sold with a taxable gain.

Some types of Investments and Accounts we offer:

  • Mutual Funds *; Segregated Funds [1]; GIC’s; Annuities; High Interest Savings Accounts

  • RRSP’s; RRIF’s; LIF’s & LIRA’s; RESP’s; RDSP’s; TFSA’s; Daily Bank Accounts

[1] Segregated funds are similar to Mutual funds; however, they provide additional guarantees and offer creditor protection and unique estate planning advantages that allows assets to bypass one’s estate upon death, avoiding probate and legal fees.

* Mutual Funds are provided through our investment dealer,    HUB Capital Inc.

*Mutual Funds are provided through our investment dealer, HUB Capital Inc.